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Car Care Tips
Car Care Tips
by Kent Rylee Automotive Solutions

Top Ten Winter Car Care Tips 1. Replace worn tires - Your tires are what keeps your car on the road. Worn out treads provide less traction and greater chance to slide. Worn, bald or badly aligned or balanced tires can mean accidents on ice, rain or snow. Likewise, make sure tires are inflated properly according to your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Don’t mix radial tires with other types of tires. Have your tires checked for proper inflation and alignment, and rotate them about every 6,000 to 8,000miles. At Kent Rylee Automotive Solutions we sell all major lines of tires and we are happy to quote you a FREE Good, Better, Best quote so you can decide what tire works best for your needs and budget.
- Indicators that you need tire or alignment service:
-Bends or dents in the wheels
-Recurring loss of tire pressure
- Bumps in the sidewalls of your tires
-Vibration emanating from the wheels
- Unusual front-end movement on flat surfaces
TIP: To check road wear on your tires, use a penny. Just insert the coin—head first—into the most severely worn part of the tire. If the tread is not sufficient to touch the top of Lincoln’s head, it’s probably time to replace your tires.

2. Check Your Brakes - Winter often means heavy braking, be sure to check your brakes. Most of the time, simply listening to your car gives clues. If you hear excessive grinding, squealing, screeching or chatter, you should have the brakes checked. Note:
• Tip: Avoid using your parking break in cold, rainy or snowy weather if possible. Don't postpone needed brake work. It's dangerous to drive with poorly performing brakes, especially in snowy weather. In addition, postponing brake service also can cause the cost of overhauling your brake system to skyrocket!

3. Change Your Oil - Oil, the lifeblood of your engine, is often overlooked. It is probably the single most important maintenance to perform. Consult your owner’s manual or ask your technician for proper maintenance intervals. Usually it is recommended every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

4. Check all fluids - In the cold months, fluids are easily depleted as your car works harder. Check, top off or replace the brake fluid, the transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid and windshield washer fluid. Checking fluids is the least expensive and easiest preventive maintenance you can do. Don't forget to change your engine coolant (diluted with 50 percent water) and transmission fluid, about every two years. Pure engine coolants can freeze at zero degrees, but mixing with water prevents freezing and provides great protection for the cold weather.
Though fluids like oil and transmission are commonly checked, other fluids integral to your vehicle's performance, may go unnoticed. Power steering, brake, radiator and battery fluids also should be filled to recommended levels. Don't forget to top off windshield washer fluid. If you've ever driven after salt trucks have come through to melt snow and ice, you know the importance of windshield washer fluid. Do not dilute washer fluid with water since it can freeze during winter's harsh temperatures.

5. Check Batteries and Corroded Cables - Winter mornings can wreak havoc on an older battery. The average life of a battery is 3 1/2 years. If your battery is older than that, it's probably time to replace. Have a mechanic check the battery and cables to ensure your car starts quickly and reliably.
6. Replace Timing Belts, Tensioners and Idlers before they fail - Timing belts are wear items and should be checked and replaced according to your manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. Most manufacturer suggest between 60,000 and 105,000 miles. A broken timing belt will stop a vehicle instantly and can cause costly engine damage. When you replace a timing belt, we recommend you replace the tensioner, idler and water pump at the same time. The additional cost is insignificant compared to the cost of a technician having to access the area of the car again, while he is replacing your timing belt , he can easily replace these corresponding parts.accessing the timing belt again. Right now Kent Rylee Autmotive Solutions has a SUPER Timing Belt Special…where you can save up to $60 instantly. See us afterwards and we can give you more info on this promotion.

7. Wiper blades check - A winter of wiping away sleet and snow has led your blades to smear rather than clear. The perpetual dirty streak in your line of sight can be a hazard, and replacing the wipers is far less costly than replacing a scratched windshield. Replace your wipers now, before pounding spring rains make it difficult to see.

8. Light Operations – Winter can also dampen visibility so it is important to check all vehicle lighting including headlights, taillights, and back-up lights, parking lights, turn signals and break lights. These lights are important not only because they help you to see, but also serve as a way to help you communicate clearly with other motorists. Last, but not least, check your lights. Accidents can occur if you can't see where you're driving, or if other drivers can't see you, especially with winter's short days and long nights.

9. Repair Windshield Crack- Cold temperature stress can cause your minor ding to turn into a major crack. Repairing a small ding costs as little as $50 to $60. Replacing a cracked windshield is much more. It is important to perform the windshield repair before dirt infiltrates into the break causing it to spread. Repair not only saves the windshield it preserves the factory’s seal of windshield to the auto body. Since passenger side air bags deploy off the windshield, preserving factory installation is an important safety consideration. Keeping the factory’s original adhesive set also helps avoid air and water leaks.

10. Rust, Minor Scratches and Nicks – Road salt can turn a to an ugly rust spot that’s impossible to avoid. And it can spread. Avoid costly body work by restoring spots before they turn into larger problems. NAPA’s partnership with Martin Seynour Paints corrects many problem spots, from key nicks to minor rust on metal. And since we use an advanced paint formula that matches not only the paint and color texture, but also picks up the characteristics of the paint around the repair the new and old paint will shine equally, or fade, at the same rate-even metallics and tri-coats. Might mention this paint works well for furniture here

Conclusion: Remember at Kent Rylee Automotive Solutions we are “Your Go-To-Guys” for everything automotive. Kent Rylee Automotive Solutions is designed to meet all of your automotive needs. We offer five distinct automotive services that include: a full service NAPA AutoCare Facility to meet all your vehicle service needs, a full –service NAPA Auto Parts Store to provide you with any vehicle part you might need, a Complete NAPA Collision Repair Center to restore your vehicle to like new, sales and installation of all major brands of tires and Northwest Arkansas’ most dedicated Preowned dealership to ensure you get just the right used car at the right place. Come to the Go-To-Guys at Kent Rylee Automotive Solutions for all your automotive needs. We are located at 2100 South 8th Street, Rogers, AR 72756 or online at www. kentrylee.com.

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